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Vegas owes me nothing...

This past week, I decided to take a little time off for a girls trip to the city of sin (sneaking in some moments to get whisked away). I'm no gambler, but I always enjoy the ding and excitement of the tables and the thrill in the air. Good food, great parties, and mostly down time to relax.

Unfortunately, what happened in vegas didn't stay in veags. I returned with a minor neck injury that has me sitting on the sideline for two weeks post trip. I took "putting my back into it" too literally! Just kidding. I made another critical mstake, which was not packing my own pillow.

There is no exciting story about dancing like crazy, or getting crazy in some other ways ;). Geuinely, 5 nights sleeping on crappy pillows did me in. Fear not, I'm an old trooper and will be back up and brand new soon. Booking appointments agin starting next week. Can't wait to see you all! Until then...


Aria St. James

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