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The Makings of Aria...

Hello lovers... I've missed you.

I'll jump right in with this blog post since it's top of mind...

Recently, just ahead of my tour travel, I found myself on a date with a European gent visiting for a meeting. We started the evening over cocktails where he hesitantly inquired about this lifestyle. You see, I was his first- companion that is ;) and I was honored to be so.

But he admitted that he was coming to the table with a lot of stereotypical ideas about companions, and quite frank- what I'd look like. He said he'd expected me to be drugged out and unattractive (my extreme blurred photos lol), he expected me to be wild, untamed/unkept to a degree- despite my written description of myself and my companionship offered. He didn't understand the meaning of independent provider and thought I'd have a handler. So he asked all the questions. I happily obliged to share (within discretionary bounds of course) where I advertise, why screening was necessary, and how safety and discretion are paramount for me particularly. I also shared what this lifestyle may look like across the board for other women and how the stereotypes he was coming to the table with were formed.

When he understood the basics, he then asked how I'd gotten into the life. It was a story I found myself telling A LOT when I first started... but years later, it feels more like a tall tale now. I feel compelled to tell the story now since I have quite a few lovers who may have never heard it before.

As some of you may know, I'm originally from the Deep South- Bible Belt area of America. A small town outside of a big city, but I always loved the city, it always called to me. When the opportunity presented itself, I made the courageous decision to attend university over 500 miles away from home. It was my dream school and my first and last choice.

My second year of college, I was heading home for thanksgiving break and was running extremely late for my flight. I'd always flown one airline out of DCA that kept me in one terminal, so I didn't even realize the airport had other terminals (embarrassing). I thought it was a small airport with 1 terminal and just enough spots for 3-5 planes only. If this doesn't scream small town belle, I don't know what does!

Anyway, I digress. A family member had purchased my flight home for the holiday with another airline. I had no clue where I was going and darted to the first TSA line I saw. I fidgeted non-stop because the line was at least 30 minutes long and my flight left in- exactly 30 minutes! The gentleman in front me was a suited and booted business man holding a backpack with a company logo. He turned and smiled at me and jokingly asked, "In a hurry?" I was annoyed, but I politely responded, "I'm going to miss my flight". He asked where I was going and I shared my final destination. His brows furrowed and he stared at me confused. "Beautiful, you're in the wrong line. This is the TSA gate to international flights. I'm going to Cancun right now. You need to run back down to the other end for that TSA. Should be a lot quicker... you might just make your flight after all" he smiled again.

Crap. Of course I was in the wrong place. I thanked him profusely, gathered my carry-on items as quickly as possible and prepared to do a 100 meter dash to the other end. As soon as I got my backpack on, he gently touched my arm and said, "I know you're in a rush, but you are stunningly beautiful. I would love to take you to lunch or dinner sometime. Call or text anytime" he held out his business card. I snatched it and thanked him again and darted down the hallway.

I did in fact make that flight and I was grateful to that man. In the moment, I shoved the card in my coat pocket and forgot all about it. It wasn't until I'd returned back to DC after break and was settled in my dorm room that I discovered it hunting for lip balm. I flipped the card in my hand and ran my fingers over the foil lettering. I remember it like it was yesterday because it was quite possibly the defining moment that led to me now sharing my time with all of you. I text the number on the card. "Hi. Not sure if you remember me but, I met you at the airport in DC. I was the student you gave your card to, the one you saved from missing her flight. I just wanted to thank you formally for you kindness and help. Hope Cancun was great to you, take care." Within the hour he responded. Our exchange was brief, but from that we agreed toset up a lunch date. He told me his assistant would reach out and set it up.

Within the week, his assistant reached out requesting information to schedule me a flight. To say I was confused was an understatement. He explained that he was based in the midwest and would fly me out for lunch, nothing else. In hindsight, I was young and dumb. (Oh to be young and dumb) I shared my itinerary, the man's business card info. and our lunch plans with a close friend at university, crossed my fingers and went.

He picked me up from the airport at noon, showed me that I could see the restaurant from where I was being picked up, and told me he'd bring me back right after. So we headed to lunch. We talked about my university classes and where I was from. He shared what university was like for him and how he'd found himself in his career. At the end of the lunch, he drove me right back to the airport as promised. When I got out to go catch my flight back, we hugged and I thanked him for everything. He stared into my eyes and told me I was beautiful and that he'd like to see me again if I was willing. He then stuffed "cab fare" into my coat pocket and bid me adieu.

When I got back to DC, I took the metro back to campus and contemplated my life choices. When I was back in my dorm, I text him to let him know I'd made it safely and thanked him again. It then dawned on me to take what I suspected was $20 in cab fare out of my pocket so it didn't fall out later. What I pulled out was a wad of $20's. My jaw dropped. I was a broke college student and I was not expecting that. I counted it out and confirmed it was $500. All I'd done was have lunch. I instantly made the decision to continue seeing the man. He was handsome, kind, and generous. I fully understood the dynamics of the relationship would eventually move to more, but I was on-board and consenting to that.

After a year or so, he confessed he'd need to end our relationship for fear of chaos in his personal life. I understood fully and thanked him for our time together. Some 6 months or so later, I decided to fully dive into the world of being a sugar baby and quickly connected with a lobbyist. What started as a hunger for financial compensation began to transform with every connection I made. As they say, the rest is history. I'd never say I'm an extroverted person, but definitely and introvert with extrovert tendencies. So connecting with single individuals or small groups has always been where I thrived, that plus I genuinely like people. There's something very special about meeting people and learning their story. Even in a lifestyle such as this where discretion is paramount. There are ways to share without exposure and I hold everyones confidentiality with the utmost regard.

Believe it or not, I thoroughly enjoy this lifestyle and all the amazing people I get to share in it with. So that's the long lost tale of how Aria became Miss St. James if you nasty ;). Til next time...


Aria St. James

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