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Reviews are now live. I know, I know, Let me explain...

Hello Lovers...

Ready for story time? I'd like to begin by saying, after a long and tedious back and forth with The Erotic Review, my reviews are now live. If you care to look, they can be found HERE.

But that's not the story I'm here to tell. The "WHY" my reviews are now available and why they look so crazy is what I'm here to tell. Fasten your seatbelts lovers ;).

If you've been keeping up with my blog, you know how I became a provider. What you may not know, is before I was Aria, I was Tiana. Tiana was the persona I created when I first first became a provider in college in 2015. I was really starting to hit my stride. I got my first review and set-up an ad on P411. Then on Eros, then a bunch of small sites here and there. I've always been low-volume, so I wasn't seeing a ton of clients, but I had consistent regulars.

Towards the end of college, I met someone, fell in love and got married. Because of obvious reasons, I took down my website and stopped accepting appointments. Hence my hiatus. Approximately five years later, I was filing for divorce. It was an amicable split, and because we had no children and no assets, it went as smoothly as these things can go.

In the years that followed, I found myself enjoying life and casually getting into relationships here and there. Though not in the lifestyle, but my dormant reviews and email were still around.

Fast forward a few years, I find myself still in DC and calling it home. I'd built a career here, a community here, and if you guessed it... a long-term relationship here. If I'm being honest, I never thought about returning to the lifestyle at all during that time. I was happy and content with my life as is.

A few years into the relationship, COVID hit. And like many of you, my world turned upside down-relationship included. Unbeknownst to me, my partner at the time was waking up in the middle of the night rummaging through my laptop and emails looking for dirt on me. You see, he was cheating- habitually, and was looking for dirt so he'd have a legitimate reason to end the relationship. He dug through maybe 7-8 yrs worth of email and finally stumbled upon a cryptic message about a "Tiana James." He googled her and found the years old reviews, ads, etc. He confronted me about the profile and I was honest. I told him exactly who she was, how she came to be, and why she disappeared.

He decided to break up with me when I told him, citing not knowing me truly. I completely understood. For some people, who a person was is equally as important as who they are in the present. For others, they don't care about the past, all they care about is who you show up as in the present and how you plan to move in the future. I thought he was the latter, but that proved untrue.

Though I was completely fine with the decisions I'd made for my life, the discovery sent me into a tailspin. I began to consider the implications of being outed. After all, Tiana was the persona I'd built as a college aged young girl at a time when I never thought I'd stay in the DMV area, let alone build a life here. I considered what would happen if he told my job, or my friends/family. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shook.

I began panic wiping Tiana from the public eye. I contacted TER and immediatley asked them to remove my reviews. I contacted all the old ad sites and asked they remove the archived, but still visible ads. Any remenant of Tiana was erased (or so I thought).

Luckily, he did not out me.

As the years have passed and I've continued building my community, my network, my career... I've realized that the life I dreamed for myself had mostly come to fruition. And it'd come together in a much more inclusive and accepting way. Last year, I considered getting back into the life to elevate my ability to invest more. And I could finally do it without any real detriment to my vanilla life.

You see last year, in a small capacity, I outed myself. I told select parts of my village (loved ones) abut Tiana. Anxiety inducing, but I was met with love and acceptance. I understand that the public eye to this industry is still scrutiny to the highest power, so I don't show my face to protect myself in public. It also protects me in my career. My job has no morality clause, but I don't want to make myself a target in other ways. I began operating under the persona Aria in November because it was just easier to start over after making a big stink of deleting Tiana.

Initially, I refused to take reviews. Not because they're not helpful, but because I noticed the trend of them becoming extremely vulgur since I'd left the industry. Maybe I'm wrong, but knowing a providers bootyhole color won't truly help you decide if you want to see them. Sorry not sorry. But my newer lovers spoke of hesitation in authenticy for lack of reviews, so I thought about it. I screen my lovers thoroughly, and I doubt I'd be seeing someone who would speak about me that way. I just asked that if they considered leaving me a review, it was respectful. The collection of both personas makes my TER profile wonky, but never the less, there.

So for those who have been waiting to see if I was "a real girl"... I am. For those wondering if my pictures are real... I'm even better in person. And for those who want to review... stay spicy! but keep it cute lol.

Til Next time Lovers....


Aria St. James

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