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Updated: Mar 14

If you've followed me for bit, you'll notice some new images being shared on my website and across my twitter. This February, I had the privilege of working with a certain very talented Boudoir photographer who created some stunning results for me. There's something so sensual and sexy about getting dolled up and being captured. I doll up for my amazing clients all the time, but often, the sensual and sexy of the moment is shared only between us. These images allow me to share out the sensual AND the sexy, which I love!

The timing was perfect! Groundhogs day was February 2nd this year. As the superstition/ prediction goes.. a shadow equates to six more weeks of winter, no shadow means spring is on the way. This year, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow in the ceremony. Not sure if he accounts for global warming, but it looks like we're getting whatever we're going to get. Regardless, I FEEL the newness of spring on the horizon (despite the weather outside).

I'm ready for bike rides through the city, picnics in the park, hiking on my favorite trails... spring in the city leads to summer fun and I'm ready for it all! What are you doing differently in this budding season to experience life differently? Truly? Tell me when we meet...

Til then...


Aris St. James

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